The Local’s Picks for Best Pizza - Oak Park & the Near West Suburbs

When it comes to pizza, we all know Chicago is a top contender. Although the Windy City is notoriously known for its delicious deep-dish pizza, some locals have a different opinion about the best slice. So we’re taking you to some of the best pizza shops near Oak Park so you can decide which reigns supreme as the true Chicago pizza. 

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The Basics: Chicago Deep Dish Versus Thin Crust


For those of you who haven’t had it (and we can tell you that you’re really, really missing out), a deep-dish pizza is like a combination of a traditional pizza and a pie. It starts with a thick crust with high edges to contain all the goodness inside. Although some places may do this next part differently, the common order is to have crust, cheese, and fillings, topped with a layer of sauce. It’s a hearty slice of food that most Chicagoans know and love, but it can also be a bit heavy and isn’t something you really grab to go. Which is why some locals say the true Chicago pizza is a classic Chicago thin crust. 


Unlike other pizzas with an inch-thick crust that can sometimes be chewy in the middle, a Chicago thin-crust pizza is much slimmer and has crispy, crunchy edges. And if it comes wrapped in white paper with grease marks that leak through the top (if you know, you know), all the better. 



The Main Card - Big Name Pizzerias in the Near West Suburbs


Although there are countless pizza shops in Chicago, there are a few whose names are known well outside the city, and some, even throughout the country. 


Take a look:


The Great Debate


Giordano's | Westchester


Arguably one of the two most popular places for deep dish in Chicago, Giordano's is a staple for everything ooey, gooey, and cheesy. This pizza shop originated in Chicago by brothers Efren and Joseph Boglio in 1974 but has since expanded to over 65 locations throughout the country. Giordano's classic "stuffed" pizza (or deep dish pizza) has consistently been voted the best time after time. And with a location in Westchester, you'll have to try it for yourself. 


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Lou Malnati's' | Oak Park 


The second of the big two for Chicagoans is Lou Malnati's. If you think opinions about the Sox vs. Cubs are strong, then you may not have heard people argue about pizza. In Chicago, there are die-hard Giordano's fans and die-hard Lou Mal fans. Unlike Giordano's, where the sauce comes on top of the pizza, Lou Malnati's typically finishes off their deep dish with another helping of cheese. At the end of the day, both places make an incredible pie, but it's the crust and toppings ratio that you'll have to taste for yourself. 


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Big Name Favorites


Aurelio’s | La Grange


When it comes to a Chicago thin-crust pizza, you go to Aurelio’s, where they specialize in the art of making a delicious, flakey thin-crust pizza. Along with the other main contenders, they are one of the oldest pizza chains in Chicago, dating back to 1974. With a location in La Grange, you can easily add them to your list of pizza shops to try. 


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Rosati's | Oak Park + La Grange Park


A family-owned business since 1964, Rosati's pizza is a beloved Chicago staple. And when it comes to their pizza, they do it all. You can choose from a class Chicago deep dish, stuffed pizza, thin crust, or double-dough. If you're looking for a one-stop shop to decide your favorite type of slice, Rosatis has you covered. 


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Salerno's | Oak Park  


Established in 1966, Salerno's is another big family name in pizza in Chicago and is often considered one of the best places for pizza in town. Salerno's offers a traditional American pizza or a classic Chicago-style thin crust. They also have an extensive menu of authentic Italian cuisine, which means there are plenty of options for delicious food. Although there are many locations, you can check out one right in Oak Park. 


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Local Favorites


Now that we’ve looked at some of the long-standing names in pizza, it’s time to talk about some of the small businesses that serve up a mean slice according to locals. 


Oak Park


Billy Bricks  


Offering delicious wood-fired pizza with a variety of options, Billy Bricks in Oak Park is an excellent stop for delicious New Haven-style pizza. While drastically different from the traditional Chicago slice, Billy Bricks offers a host of selections, from artichoke and pesto to Margherita drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette to unique combinations like the SunnySide Up, which comes with applewood smoked bacon, two sunny side up eggs, roasted garlic, and cheese. If you love the pizza, join one of Billy Brick's pizza-making classes to test and eat the pizza of your dreams! If you're not up for pizza, Billy Bricks also serves up some of the best subs and sandwiches in the area, with a host of dessert options, including a s'mores calzone and a giant ice cream sandwich. 


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Trattoria 225  


If you’re looking for great Oak Park pizza, consider Trattoria 225. Located at 225 Harrison St, Trattoria 225 is the perfect place to gather with family and friends for some delicious pizza. Offering authentic Italian, thin-crust pizzas (and gelato for dessert), Trattoria 225 provides a warm ambiance with unique art pieces throughout the entire restaurant. This traditional Italian location focuses heavily on quality, incorporating organic, local, and sustainable ingredients into its recipes to ensure customers receive the best pizza with the finest offerings. If you have any food allergies, Trattoria 225 has you covered by creating a selection of pizzas, all with the ability to be made gluten-free. From delectable variations like goat cheese, fennel sausage, and roasted red pepper to cremini mushrooms and smoked mozzarella, there is no shortage of options at this Oak Park hot spot. 


Check out their dinner menu. 






Danny’s Pizza and Beef 


If you're looking for a quick slice, Danny's Pizza in Brookfield is the place to go. Offering a thin crust, pan, deep dish, and even stuffed pizza to really go the extra mile, this small neighborhood spot has plenty of options. They even have specialty pizzas like taco and Hawaiin. Does pineapple belong on pizza? You be the judge! With unique pizza choices in a variety of styles, plus Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs, stop into Danny's Pizza and Beef to support a small local business in Brookfield, IL.


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Paisans | Brookfield


Paisans Pizzeria advertises itself as not your average Pizzeria, and it offers just that: way above-average pizza with plenty of options for visitors. Providing a fun, industrial vibe, Paisans has a regular or extra thin crust, deep dish or stuffed, and gluten-free and Sicilian-style pizzas. With multiple locations across the Chicagoland area, Paisans is a true success story deriving from a small corner store in Cicero, Illinois. From handcrafted pizzas and world-class chicken wings to their passion for giving back, this Brookfield pizzeria is one to support. 


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Elmwood Park




At Armands in Elmwood Park, you can choose between pan pizza and thin-crust pizza—and when it comes to which one to choose, there’s no wrong choice here. They even take their pizza to a true level of Chicago by offering the Elmwood Park combo pizza—topped with beef, sausage, and giardiniera. If you’re looking for the perfect combination, try Armands! 


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Jim and Pete’s 


Situated at 7806 W North Ave, Jim and Pete's is a local favorite in River Forest. Voted "Best Restaurant in Town" by the Chicago Times, Jim and Pete's has been a Chicago icon for over 80 years. This established location features a modern and cozy atmosphere, serving high-quality cuisine with, you guessed it, some of the best pizzas in Chicago. With specialty pizzas like veggie and their signature pizza, which includes spinach, artichoke, red pepper, fresh garlic, and fontinella cheese, the selections are unique and delicious, made from recipes dating back to 1941. 


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The Original Old World Pizza 


At The Original Old World Pizza in Elmwood Park, they want you to have options — and you get plenty of them. You can choose from a classic pizza, Old World deep dish, Old World stuffed, and their infamous double deck pie — featuring extra layers of cheesy goodness — a must-try for everyone who visits. 


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Forest Park


Jimmy’s Place 


Jimmy’s Place is a local Italian restaurant in Forest Park that also serves up a mean slice of pizza. And there’s no frills here. Just pizza done right. You can build your own pizza by adding any of the fresh ingredients from their list — including anchovies — to make a pizza that is just for you. Or maybe to share, but that’s your call.


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Q’s Restaurant and Pizzeria 


A local favorite in Hillside, Q's Restaurant and Pizzeria has fresh offerings and classic pizzas. Start with a great selection of appetizers and pair your pizza with some hot, salty fries—a recommendation by this founding favorite to bulk up your meal if you're extra hungry! From Q's special, a delightful combination of sausage, beef, mushroom, green pepper, and onion, to the sweet and tangy BBQ chicken pizza, there's no shortage of options here! 


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La Grange


Nonna’s Good Life Pizza  


If you're looking for the world's largest slice of pizza, look no further than Nonna's in La Grange. Voted "Best Pizza" on WGN, Nonna's offers New York-style slices for $4.99, with different specialty slices each day. Pair your slice with a delicious side of parmesan garlic bites or Nonna's famous meatballs!


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Lucca’s is all about family and great pizza, right in the heart of La Grange. As a family-run restaurant, Lucca’s has been amazing visitors with its exceptional Italian cuisine, which focuses on blending Italian flavors with Chicago traditions. Whether you crave thin crust, Sicilian pan, or deep dish, Lucca’s Pizzeria and Ristorante has it all. With 50+ toppings and specialty pizzas like BBQ Chicken and Hawaiian, they cater to every pizza enthusiast and offer cauliflower and gluten-free crusts. 


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North Riverside




If you’re looking for a quick slice or a delicious pizza pie to go, order from Al’s in North Riverside. Available for takeout or delivery, Al’s Pizzeria offers quick service and delicious food with catering and dessert options, too! While you wait for your order, pick up a creamy cup of gelato, Italian ice, or a tasty cannoli. For their pizza, Al’s uses 100% real Wisconsin mozzarella cheese. So, whether you’re looking for a classic cheese, pepperoni, or a specialty option like buffalo chicken, Al’s has quality pizza with the freshest ingredients. 


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La Barra 


Whether you’re looking for a lovely dining experience or weekend brunch, La Barra offers everything from the signature Chicago thin crust to artesian-style selections. Their take on the Chicago deep dish is also worth trying, with double-proofed focaccia-style pan dough lined with delicious mozzarella cheese to create a mouthwatering caramelized cheese crust. If you’re looking for something on the lighter end, they offer a skinny deep-dish option featuring a smaller portion of dough while still keeping the delicious cheesy taste.


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Rocky’s Pizza and Restaurant


Sometimes, you don't need to be wined and dined—you just want a good slice. Rocky's Pizza and Restaurant in Westchester has you covered. This laid-back pizza joint serves up a classic pizza pie with your choice of toppings, which means you get pizza your way. Loved by locals, Rocky's is too good not to try. 


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Meet us for A Slice (of Pizza, That Is!)


Now that we’ve explored the best pizza places in Oak Park and Near West Suburbs, it’s up to you to try for yourself. Be sure to let us know what you think of our top favorites for the best pizza!