Don't Miss The Top Rated Arcades and Game Stores: Oak Park & the Near West Suburbs

Get ready to level up your fun with arcades and game stores in Oak Park and the Near West Suburbs! From nostalgic arcades to bustling game stores, this vibrant region just outside Chicago is a haven for gamers of all types. Whether you're a fan of classic arcade cabinets, tabletop adventures, or the latest video game releases, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Join us as we explore the top spots to get your game on, where excitement and entertainment await around every corner.

Colony Games | Brookfield

Colony Games in Brookfield, Illinois, can meet all of your gaming needs! They carry many fan favorites, including trading cards like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Star Wars X-Wing, and Star Wars Destiny, as well as D&D books and figures, Pops, board games, sleeves, deck boxes, play mats, and comic books. If you want something they don't have, they can order it for you. Colony Games offers demo games, open gaming tables, and weekly gaming events!


Established in 2013, Colony Game's journey began with a modest shelf space in the business next door, with events held at a local Legion Hall. As their following grew, Colony Games expanded to a shop in La Grange Park. In December 2015, the team decided it was time for a change, and in January 2016, they brought gaming back to a new location in downtown Brookfield! Inspired by their son Anthony's interest in Magic and role-playing games, owners Jamie and Steve, along with Anthony, embarked on this venture after establishing the Magic The Gathering program at other stores.


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Address: 4217 Maple Ave, Brookfield, IL 60513


Fair Game | La Grange
Fair 7
Fair 2
Fair 5

Fair Game La Grange isn't just a haven for board game enthusiasts; it's a vibrant hub where players gather to indulge their competitive spirits and forge lasting friendships over a shared love of gaming. Nestled in the heart of La Grange, this welcoming venue offers an extensive selection of board games, card games, and other tabletop games to satisfy every preference and skill level. But Fair Game La Grange is more than just a retail space—it's a community center where in-store game nights come alive with laughter and strategy.


Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a newcomer eager to learn, Fair Game La Grange provides the perfect setting to immerse yourself in the thrill of play and connect with others. Or, if you're shopping for someone but aren't sure exactly what they like, get them a Fair Game gift card so they can check it out themselves. 


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Address: 19 South La Grange Road, La Grange, IL 60525




Galloping Ghost Arcade | Brookfield
Galloping Ghost 2 (1)

The Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL, stands as a veritable mecca for arcade enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled gaming experience that harkens back to the golden age of arcade gaming. Located in the heart of Brookfield, this iconic establishment boasts an extensive collection of over 700 arcade games from different consoles, ranging from classic favorites like Pac-Man and Street Fighter to rare gems and obscure titles that are sure to delight even the most seasoned gamers.


With its retro-inspired decor and buzzing atmosphere, Galloping Ghost Arcade transports visitors to a nostalgic realm where quarters reign supreme and high scores are the ultimate badge of honor. Whether you're a casual gamer looking to relive fond memories or a dedicated enthusiast seeking new challenges, Galloping Ghost Arcade promises endless hours of arcade bliss for players of all ages. 


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Address: 9415 Ogden Ave, Brookfield, IL 60513




Galloping Ghost Pinball | Brookfield

Galloping Ghost Pinball Brookfield offers a thrilling haven for pinball fans, where the clatter of steel balls and the flashing lights of vintage machines create an electrifying atmosphere. Nestled in Brookfield, this arcade paradise is an extension of the renowned Galloping Ghost Arcade, catering specifically to the timeless allure of pinball. With a curated collection featuring an array of classic tables and modern marvels,


Galloping Ghost Pinball provides an immersive journey through the evolution of pinball gaming. From nostalgic favorites to cutting-edge designs, players of all skill levels can test their reflexes and aim for high scores in a vibrant and welcoming environment. Whether you're a seasoned pinball wizard or a newcomer eager to experience the thrill of the silver ball, Galloping Ghost Pinball Brookfield offers an unforgettable adventure for enthusiasts, old and new.


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Address: 9211 Ogden Ave, Brookfield, IL 60513




Geppetto’s Toy Box | Oak Park
m-t mondays

Geppetto's Toy Box in Oak Park is a magical wonderland where children of all ages can unleash their imagination and creativity through a diverse selection of European-inspired games and toys. Situated in the heart of Oak Park, this beloved toy store offers an enchanting array of games that cater to every interest and age group. From classic board games to innovative puzzles and building sets, Geppetto's Toy Box curates a collection designed to inspire and engage young minds.


Whether it's fostering teamwork, problem-solving skills, or simply sparking joy and laughter, the games available at Geppetto's Toy Box are more than just entertainment—they're tools for exploration and growth. Geppetto's Toy Box is committed to providing high-quality, engaging games and invites children to embark on endless adventures and discover the magic of play.


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Address: 730 Lake St, Oak Park, IL 60301




Grandmaster Games | Oak Park

Grandmaster Games Oak Park is a haven for tabletop gaming enthusiasts, offering diverse games and a welcoming community atmosphere. Situated in Oak Park, this gaming hub provides a vast selection of board games, card games, miniatures, and role-playing games to cater to a wide range of interests and preferences.


Whether you're seeking the latest tabletop sensation or a classic favorite, Grandmaster Games boasts an extensive inventory and knowledgeable staff to assist players of all levels. Beyond its impressive selection, this board game store also hosts regular gaming events, tournaments, and demo nights, providing ample opportunities for camaraderie and competition among fellow enthusiasts. With its dedication to fostering a vibrant gaming community, Grandmaster Games Oak Park invites players to embark on thrilling adventures and forge lasting friendships in the realm of tabletop gaming.


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Address: 436 S Ridgeland Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302


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Whether searching for the ultimate arcade, a comic book haven, or a video game store, Oak Park and the near West Suburbs offer an array of options for casual and seasoned gamers alike. So, if you’re ready to level up, check out our list of the best arcades and gaming stores in the area to discover a new world of imagination and adventure!