Galloping Ghost Arcade Brookfield Illinois: 7 Reasons You Have to Visit

Home to a sea of interactive games, The Galloping Ghost Arcade Brookfield, Illinois, provides the ultimate gaming experience in the Near West Suburbs. At this one-of-a-kind location, gaming enthusiasts seeking an authentic in-person experience can enjoy a diverse array of classic arcade games ranging from Pac-man to Streetfighter, with vintage-style decor and ambiance throughout the entire location.


From the moment you step into this unique hot spot, you transport back in time to an era where you can leave your worries at the door and immerse yourself into a world of entertainment. 

Join us as we explore 7 reasons why this interactive haven for gaming delivers the epitome of arcade experiences in the Chicagoland area. 

Top reasons to visit the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois
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Featuring classic games many visitors grew up playing, the Galloping Ghost Arcade Brookfield Illinois offers an escape from the routine of daily life, allowing people of all ages to disconnect from their worries and immerse themselves into the unique world of arcade games. 

Holding the title of the largest arcade in the USA, we’re here to offer our top 7 reasons why this location is a must-visit in the Chicagoland area. 

#1 | Over 885 games

With nearly 1,000 games to enjoy situated under one convenient location, the Galloping Ghost Arcade is a can't-miss spot in Brookfield. From Alien vs. Predator and Mario Bros. to Mortal Kombat 1-4, there is no shortage of historical classics, along with many modern new ones. On top of that, a new game is announced every Monday by the one and only owner, Doc Mack. Visitors can hear the Monday Mystery announcement in person or tune into Mack's live stream to see what new arcade game will be introduced to the arcade floor. 

Unlike other arcades, which often showcase the famous "out of order" sign on many of their games, Mack performs regular maintenance on all games to maintain top-quality functionality so that every wheel, joystick, and screen works to its full potential. He even restores arcade cabinets to ensure the original artwork is left intact and in the best condition.

Mack also focuses on keeping the space tidy and organized, so there's plenty of room between each aisle to game comfortably. Whether playing Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, Galaga, or other favorites like Godzilla or Tatsunoko vs Capcom, you can feel comfortable in a clean, retro environment. 

#2 | Vintage-style ambiance
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Located on Ogden Avenue, the Galloping Ghost Arcade beckons with rows of beloved historical classics that evoke a sentimental remembrance of simple times through gaming decor and retro graphics on display. From synthesized explosions to race card sounds and blasts, the sound hits you the second you enter, taking you to a new world of nostalgia and adventure.


Each aisle provides ample space for maneuvering around fellow players or gathering to witness a friend triumph over hordes of aliens or ghosts. Bathrooms are accessible to all guests, with other reminiscent collectibles on display.

#3 | Free play at a set rate of $25

Unlike most arcades, the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL, offers free play to all visitors with a set rate when you enter. For $25, you can enjoy over 800 games conveniently without the hassle of dealing with quarters and tokens. 



#4 | Open late and on holidays

Whether you're looking for a fun Saturday night out or want to pop in after a long day of work, the Galloping Ghost offers a fun and inviting adventure for everyone, open 365 days a year. Once the set door rate is paid, visitors can enjoy unlimited gameplay until 2:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays and until 12:00 AM on Sundays through Thursdays.


If you hang on to your receipt, you can leave and return all day. Enjoy a late night or a holiday battling the top villains or racing to the finish line with friends and family along for the ride. 

#5 | Weekly, monthly, & yearly memberships

The Galloping Ghost Arcade offers the most unique location, with weekly, monthly, yearly, and lifetime memberships for frequent visitors to enjoy. Here's a list of the membership offerings and prices. 


Week Membership - $65 

Good for seven days from the first day used.


Monthly Membership - $150

Valid until the same day the following month (non-recurring) and includes 2 free guest passes at a $50 value. 


Yearly Membership - $500 

The yearly comes with a custom membership pass good until the same date the following year. 


Lifetime Membership - $4000 

The ultimate package for the veteran arcaders, which comes with a custom membership pass, including many other benefits such as a game request priority, early event notice, and so much more. 


Passes can be purchased at the front counter or over the phone.


Further, Brookfield police and firefighters can enjoy arcade memberships for free, while other police, fire, and military services can receive $10 off of admission. 

#6 | It's legit - over 600+ world records set here

For those aspiring to set new world records, the Galloping Ghost Arcade is the ultimate destination. Widely acclaimed by gamers nationwide, the Galloping Ghost Arcade holds the prestigious title of being the world's largest arcade in the U.S., offering an unparalleled array of gaming options.


This iconic arcade serves as the stomping ground for some of the community's most accomplished and recognized arcade visitors, where gamers travel from around the globe to break records and witness their names proudly displayed on the VIP screens of iconic games such as Centipede and Atari. Currently boasting over 600 world records, the Galloping Ghost Arcade is a mecca for those seeking gaming glory.



#7 | Events and tournaments

The competitive nature of a gamer is never compromised when you visit the Galloping Ghost Arcade. Events and tournaments occur frequently, and a new game is announced every Monday.


Visitors can compete for the top scores while enjoying a unique experience with friends and other gamers. The spacious aisles provide a perfect setting for both solo adventures and group gatherings, creating an atmosphere that exudes nostalgia, entertainment, and sheer fun.

About the owner, Doc Mack: A nostalgic entrepreneur

Owner Doc Mack set out on a mission to preserve the historical arcade scene to create an environment where visitors can set their troubles aside and enjoy the fun of arcades again. Mack's goal is to provide arcade gaming at a level not seen before. He wanted to offer a cost-effective place to play, host professional events, and expose everyone to arcade games they had not seen in decades. In a recent news review, Mack discusses why he brought the arcade wonderland to Brookfield, where he's lived his whole life. 


"We just wanted to be a true arcade, a classic video arcade and prove that that business model is still something that people want." 


While other towns rejected the idea of a classic arcade, Brookfield welcomed it and gave Mack an opportunity that has succeeded since 2010. Today, The Galloping Ghost receives many visitors and is well-known as a community-centered arcade, welcoming anyone looking to experience the exhilarating world of arcade games.



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After a day at the arcade, enjoy a meal at one of the many decadent restaurants in the area to re-energize after a thrilling adventure fighting off ghost monsters and villains. Burger Antics is located only a short drive away and offers mouthwatering burgers with a delicious array of toppings and creamy sweet shakes to pair with your meal. With a fully-stocked bar and cozy vibe, it's the perfect place to refuel for round two! 


If you’re looking for a shorter walk to grab some grub, try Skadarliya. Located only 4 minutes down the street, Skadarliya features Serbian-Macedonian entrees and cocktails with a large modern dining area and a summer patio perfect for large groups. 


Or you can walk across the street to grab a beer at Imperial Oak Brewing, an amazing place for craft beer! If you're lucky, they might even have a food truck their featuring local favorites. 

If arcade games aren't your favorite, The Galloping Ghost offers a sister location, The Galloping Ghost Pinball, situated down the street at 9211 Ogden Ave, which houses over 45 pinball machines available for free play with a $20 admission fee. 

And if your kids still need more fun, they can enjoy a visit to Brookfield Zoo, a 216-acre nature park offering special exhibits, unique animal encounters, and thrilling seasonal activities.

Meet us at Galloping Ghost Arcade

From its initial opening in 2010 to becoming the largest arcade in the world in 2014, The Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois, has come a long way from its start and is continually growing even now. With plans to expand this renowned location, this arcade is a must-visit in the Chicagoland area. Located at 9415 Ogden Ave. Brookfield, il 60513, visitors can experience an incredible selection of video games ranging from Lunar Lander, Metal Slug, Primal Rage, Q*Bert, Tron, and many other Nintendo and Sega classics. 

Whether you're driven by a passion for classic games, a desire to compete on a global scale, or simply seeking a nostalgic escape, the Galloping Ghost Arcade offers a journey filled with gaming glory, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments that will solidify this arcade as a must-visit in Brookfield. 

If you're ready to check out this one-of-a-kind location, head over to Ogden Avenue or visit to view their full list of games.