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If you're looking for the ultimate aesthetic brunch location, look no further than Crepas Culichi. Offering a delicious fusion of Mexican and French-inspired cuisine, the Crepas Culichi menu boasts a selection of brunch, dinner, and drink options. Draped in gold with vintage-inspired accents and sparkling chandeliers, Crepas Culichi is the perfect combination of elegance and grace, creating an exceptional dining experience in the heart of downtown Oak Park.


Join us as we unravel the delightful world of Crepas Culichi, where flavors come together in taste, innovation, and creativity.



Crepas Culichi: A Sister’s Dream Turned Oak Park Success

In the heart of their culinary dreams, sisters Yency and Estefany Garcia, joined by their mother's unwavering support, dreamt of creating the perfect restaurant that mirrors their style, creativity, and unique French and Mexican cuisine flavors. Inspired by coffee shops and crepe stands from their hometown in Mexico, their ambition was to create the ultimate brunch and dinner destination, where a delicate blend of girlish decor and vintage aesthetics would transport patrons to a quaint café in France.


Fueling their passion for perfection, the sisters curated a menu filled with tasteful French and Mexican-infused dishes and an extensive list of fun and visually appealing beverages. Since coffee is a tried-and-true for these sisters, they were sure to include plenty of unique drinks perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.


From whimsical glitter and cotton candy embellishments to the opulence of pink and gold Marie Antoinette-inspired decor, the Garcia sisters opened their doors in 2019 and have found success ever since. Today, Crepas Culichi is a top spot in the Oak Park area, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who visits. 



Crepas Culichi: Menu Items Worth Traveling For

With gold chiavari chairs and delicate floral dishes, the ambiance at Crepas Culichi is met with delightful dishes that beckon with love and creativity. Each one focuses heavily on the presentation, from the perfectly positioned strawberries on top of a crepe to heart-shaped dishes and mugs.

What truly sets Crepas Culichi apart is the seamless blend of Mexican, American, and French influences to craft a harmonious fusion of flavors and ingredients. The result is a culinary experience that makes every bite conversation-worthy.

Below, we broke down five different categories from the Crepas Culichi menu, highlighting unique and tasteful drink options and delicious brunch and dinner entrees that are all well worth the drive to this popular, Instagram-worthy spot in Illinois. 


#1 Fancy One-of-a-Kind Drinks

Whether you're seeking a morning jolt or a delicious cocktail, Crepas Culichi offers one-of-a-kind, picturesque beverages. Drinks are garnished with heart-shaped cookies, fresh flowers, and plenty of sweet candy offerings. They even offer custom foam designs for coffee with gold-plated spoons on the side.

If you're stopping in for brunch, we highly recommend the signature iced lattes. The lavender honey is a vanilla iced coffee latte paired with lavender foam and a delicious honey drip. Indulge in the butterfly vanilla iced coffee latte with raspberry foam, rose petals, and a butterfly wafer. 

If you're looking to show off on social media, enjoy a mocktail mermaid drink, a tropical and fruity flavor of leche blue curacao and lemon, or the berry bath, a teddy bear lemonade beverage served in a tub. From hot coffee drinks and milkshakes to cocktails and flavored mimosas, Crepas Culichi has it all.


#2 Sweet and Savory Crepes (of course!)

From savory to sweet, the Crepas Culichi menu offers various crepe options, bringing their signature sparkle to each plate. If you're into more of a classic crepe, Crepas Culichi has you covered. Their take on this classic includes Nutella, strawberries, and bananas topped with delicious, creamy ice cream. If you want something special, as if their classic wasn't special enough, consider the caliche chocolate, a chocolate crepe served with strawberries, cream cheese, chocolate mousse, jam, and blackberry fillings. It is also paired with Nutella and ice cream. The strawberry crepe is a similar offering but comes with delicious granola. 

If you're craving an alternative to sweet, the savory poblano crepe includes poblano peppers, corn, onion, cheese, chicken, parmesan, salsa verde, and sour cream, with avocado available for an additional charge. Another noteworthy option is the savory culichi crepe, which comes with semi-spicy chicken tinga, caramelized onions, and parmesan cheese, topped with creamy sour cream and chipotle drizzles. 



#3 Amazing Brunch Options

Push your mundane breakfast items of bagels and toast to the side; Crepas Culichi is a can't-miss spot for the ultimate brunch. From gourmet sandwiches to delectable breakfast favorites, there are plenty of options available. The chilaquiles feature tortilla bits paired with your choice of green or red spicy salsa, harmoniously combined with onion, cheese, sour cream, and a side of hash browns. Topped with eggs over easy and a heart-shaped ham, this divine creation is a true feast.

Crepas Culichi's menu extends its charm with shareable plates like the breakfast board, an ensemble of mini pancakes, waffles, yogurt, and fruit. If breakfast isn't your favorite, there are a host of tasty sandwiches available, including the culichi panini, crafted with roasted chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo to offer a nice kick. Each dish is meticulously crafted, down to the placement of the garnishes on the plate accompanying your meal. 



#4 Decadent Dinner Options 

If you’re ready for a fabulous evening in Oak Park, be sure to include a dinner stop at Crepas Cullici, where the entrée choices are just as incredible as the brunch and drink choices. Start your meal with an enhanced version of a charcuterie board consisting of rose-shaped salami, prosciutto, truffled cheese, jam, and olives, all crafted on a heart-shaped plate perfect for sharing with a friend or loved one. The heart-shaped pizzas are beautifully dressed and offered with a variety of toppings, from classic Italian to barbecue chicken and chorizo. 

The Crepas Culichi menu also includes arrachera, a succulent skirt steak served with house guacamole, roasted corn, and two quesadillas on the side. Another standout choice is the guajillo salmon, featuring a generous salmon filet with a crab meat crust. This masterpiece comes with spinach, potatoes, and a guajillo butter sauce, culminating in a gold-pick presentation that adds a touch of elegance to your meal.


#5 Delectable Desserts

While some may argue crepes are a breakfast item, at Crepas Culichi, they are considered a dessert, too. Mouthwatering options include the arroz con leche, which includes homemade rice pudding, a cinnamon cookie, and sweet ice cream, and the Carlota crepe, which includes lemon mousse and cookie crumble and is topped with ice cream. Pair your crepe with a creamy shake for the ultimate dessert with options including churro and Oreo. And if you're looking to treat your furry friend, Crepas Culichi accommodates by offering doggie treats that consist of whipped cream, a biscuit, and edible glitter.




What to know before you plan your visit


If you want to enjoy a day out or evening at Crepas Culichi, there are a few things to know. Crepas Culichi is open for brunch and dinner, allowing only walk-ins for brunch, but they will happily take dinner reservations in advance. Reservations are only made online through OpenTable. If you have a party of 15 or more, email to make your reservation. Reservations require the entire party to be present to be seated and limit split checks to 2 per table. 


Luckily, the scenic beauty of Oak Park is right outside the restaurant, offering a comfortable view while you wait. Further, during their busy hours, there is a 90-minute seating limit. 


Guests can enjoy an incredible fine dining experience indoors or on the scenic patio paired with large, scalloped umbrellas to offer plenty of shade during their dining experience. If you are attending Crepas Culichi for a birthday, there is no shortage of celebratory options. The main attraction is the Birthday Fantasy Crepe, where guests can enjoy a delicious crepe with fun birthday decorations and a candle to complete their celebratory wish. If crepes aren't your thing, the Fantasy Milkshake offers the perfect sweet treat for a celebration, offering candy, marshmallows, wafers, and cotton candy with your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. 


Once located at 2713 Ridgeland Ave in Berwyn, Crepas Culichi is now situated in the heart of Oak Park at 1101 Lake St. 


Its hours of operation are: 


Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am—8:00 pm

Friday and Saturday, 9:00 am—10:00 pm

Sunday, 9:00 am—8:00 pm


While You’re in Oak Park


As summer approaches, there are plenty of unique offerings and events in the Oak Park area. After a fantastic brunch at Crepas, take a historical walk through Oak Park to view astonishing homes designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The Classic Cinemas theater is just a short walk away to enjoy seeing the latest film or take a short drive to Ernest Hemingway’s Birthplace Museum, where you can enjoy a guided tour led by enthusiastic storytellers who walk you through literary history, providing riveting stories about each room and discuss the family members and local characters who shaped Hemingway’s life. 



Meet Us at Crepas Culichi


As a family-owned restaurant, Crepas Culici offers the perfect blend of a French café and the beloved flavors of classic Mexican dishes. With a delicious array of offerings and elegant décor, Crepas Culici is the perfect spot for a Mother's Day celebration, a girls' day out, or an evening with a loved one. 


Whether you're dining for brunch, dinner, or a casual drink at the bar, you can indulge in a refined space with marble and gold accents and gleaming details meticulously curated to fashion a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in the Chicagoland area. Join us for the ultimate dining experience at Crepas Culichi, where you can surround yourself with great company and the pleasure of delicious food. 


Visit to view their extensive menu, or call them at (708) 665-3490.